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In excess of twenty years of manufacturing and product engineering, experienced in small to medium scale startups in both private and public sectors internationally. The style and technique, which now has become my signature is based on the principal of bricks and mortar, experiencing first hand what works and what works better. Harmony is the selective process of taking a conceptualized idea and transforming it into a viable product, documenting specification, sourcing its composition, cost analysis, rapid prototyping, beta testing and discovery, manufacturing and subassembly protocols, time interrogation, process control, product appraisal, product training and gorilla marketing.
My “VIEW” (Vision, Innovation, Execution and Wealth): Establishing brand identity, raising value and patronage.
My merits: Passionate, Responsive, Inspiring, Innovative, Honest, Focused, Energetic and Committed.
My mantra: happy employees, happy customers and happy shareholders; validated through quality results, in workmanship, communication and broadcast.

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