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Maria Korporal, alias Maria Felix Korporal, was born 1962 in Sliedrecht, the Netherlands. She studied graphics and painting at the St. Joost Academy of Fine Arts in Breda, graduating with, among other things, a video installation. After her studies, in 1986, she moved to Italy, where she lived until 2013. Since 2014 she has lived in Berlin.
The artistic production of Maria Korporal includes video art, digital imaging, performance and installations ( During the last years she has worked almost exclusively with video art. Besides she is active as web- and graphic designer (

Maria Korporal, alias Maria Felix Korporal, è nata nel 1962 a Sliedrecht, Olanda. Ha studiato all'Accademia delle Belle Arti St. Joost a Breda, Olanda, diplomandosi, tra l'altro, con una videoinstallazione. Dal 1986 al 2013 ha vissuto in Italia. Dal 2014 vive a Berlino.
La sua produzione artistica include videoarte, imaging digitale, performance e installazioni ( Negli ultimi anni si occupa prevalentemente di videoarte. È inoltre attiva nel campo del web design e della grafica (


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