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I fell in love with photography when my godmother gifted me a Cub Scout Brownie when I was 12 years old. At 19 I rediscovered it when a friend told me… "You know what? You'd make a good photographer." It became my calling and I've followed the development of imaging and technology throughout a 40+ years in the publishing business. Since 1992 I've worked with photographers and illustrators to produce limited editions using archival pigment fine art printing. For most of that time, I resided in Los Angeles.

In 2005 I moved to Oakhurst, California to do photography and research for a book entitled:
The New Photography… or Why Ansel Would Have Loved the Digital Realm, which relates digital imaging to the “Zone” system established by Ansel Adams and used by many photographers to extract the widest range of tonality in their photographs.

As a graphic designer, I produced a number of interactive “e-books” for others on the subject of digital photography and another that teaches English. I've also designed a few memorable web sites such as the “phenomenal” mrwinkle.com and oceanmist.com with almost 200 pages of information about growing artichokes and other veggies.

During my career, I've designed books and magazines, been a technology consultant, and in the 1980’s founded CommType (Communications Typography) which was one of the first in Los Angeles to specialize in reading computer disks to directly transfer files into fully typeset page output. In 1985 I changed the name to Access Publishing and became one of the first “service bureaus” to offer Linotype output from the Macintosh at the beginnings of the desktop publishing era.

In 1992, I set up a training center at Samy’s Camera in Los Angeles to teach Photoshop to photographers as they ventured into digital imaging. Although computer technology gradually has made typesetters obsolete, it has also empowered people. It was easy for me to share my knowledge, training ad agencies, design boutiques and photographers in the Los Angeles area how to make the shift to digital. My understanding of the creative process and grasp of technology helped many design firms transition into what has become the standard way graphic design is done today.

I am now using that same expertise to teach "The New Photography." Coming back to my original passion, I use a completely digital workflow and a seasoned sense of what it takes to get the best reproduction from an image to express my personal vision.

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