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  1. Ryan G Walker

    Ryan G Walker Plus Olympia, WA


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    Documentary filmmaker (THE BOOTLEGGER, ZiELiNSKi). Slamdance & True/False alum. Dormant drummer & Dodger faithful. I do the mancave scene. rybovideo@gmail.com

  2. Chase Thompson

    Chase Thompson Columbia, Missouri


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    Filmmaker. Musician. Co-Director of ZiELiNSKi (2011 Slamdance, True/False, Radar Hamburg Film Festivals) Director of THRESHOLD (2013 Fargo Film Festival) In Progress: The Legend of Sir Lattimore Brown Grandma Vs. The Woods (85% Complete) Flat Black (post production)

  3. Ryan Wylie

    Ryan Wylie


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    Ryan Wylie, co-founded, Inner Mission Productions, where he has shot, edited, and produced documentaries about reproductive healthcare in the Peruvian Andes, the death penalty, the Sanctuary movement, indigenous land entitlement in Mexico, and many other topics of social importance. His efforts…

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