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  1. Experimental

    by Nick Gerads joined

    3,612 Videos / 952 Members

  2. Quartz Composer

    by Rob McDougall joined

    1,808 Videos / 821 Members

    Quartz Composer is Apple's node-based 3D programming language. This group is intended to bring together QC users/programmers to showcase their work and discuss the application. Go ahead!…

  3. Art Video Film - The Global Laboratory

    by Maria Niro joined

    11.9K Videos / 3,368 Members

    Please only add videos that fit the art video, experimental cinema etc... genres. Works that do not fit the description below will be deleted. This group is dedicated to work outside the traditional…

  4. Abstract & Experimental Painting

    by CCArtsNow joined

    109 Videos / 23 Members

    Please feel free to join this group and add related videos.. Videos may be selected from this group to feature on our CCGroupsGallery channel. Thank you for sharing with us. Peace & Best…

  5. Artistic Videos

    by Jan Chlupacek joined

    18K Videos / 3,893 Members

    Videos around Vimeo that you found artistic and just worth watching.

  6. Audio for Video

    by Ian Lucero joined

    4,232 Videos / 2,087 Members

    A place to discuss the different processes videographers and filmmakers use for audio. This group also welcomes podcasters, recordists, tapers, sound engineers, musicians, etc. to participate. Mainly…

  7. Animation

    by Aziz Kocanaogullari joined

    67.3K Videos / 21.3K Members

  8. The Arts

    by Gene Geter joined

    9,427 Videos / 3,104 Members

    A group for creative, artistic and experimental videos.

  9. Visual Music Village Vimeo Group

    by Visual Music Village joined

    674 Videos / 174 Members

    The Visual Music Village is a social network for everyone interested in abstract animation and visual music. Join in at: http://visualmusic.ning.com

  10. MoMA PopRally: Abstract Currents

    by PopRally MoMA joined

    916 Videos / 840 Members

    Abstract Currents: An Interactive Video Event CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS! SEE ABSTRACT ART AT MoMA: moma.org/inventingabstraction MAKE A ONE-MINUTE ABSTRACT VIDEO ADD IT TO THIS GROUP SEE…

  11. VJ Loops

    by VJLoops.tv joined

    754 Videos / 394 Members

    A group for motion graphics artists, videographers, animators and multi-media artists who create content. Advertisements not related to vjloops.com will be deleted. Thank you.

  12. Syphon

    by vade joined

    176 Videos / 139 Members

    Showcase videos, techniques, tools and workflows utilizing Syphon, the hardware accelerated frame sharing technology for Mac OS X.

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