Marli Lopez-Hope

Byron Bay, NSW and Melbourne VIC

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Marli is a young wildlife filmmaker and photographer residing in Melbourne, Australia. Having already worked alongside the world's best including cinematographer, Peter Nearhos (BBC, National Geographic and ABC) and Jason Edwards (National Geographic Photographer) Marli is well on her way to making her own unique mark in the wildlife filmmaking world arena.

Her latest university documentary, Curiosity, made international acclaim after being screened at the Byron Bay International Film Festival in 2014. Marli has documented life in the most extreme corners of the world including Botswana in 2012 and recently, in Antarctica with National Geographic for Air New Zealand's No Ordinary Place, No Ordinary Assignment.

Marli is currently studying at Swinburne University of Technology where she is concentrating on refining her scriptwriting, cinematography and directing skills.

Regarding herself as an "artistic environmentalist", Marli is determined to use her filmmaking skills to educate, inspire and ignite passion for the natural world in people from all areas of the world.

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