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Marmoset is a boutique music agency born and raised among the lush, green and often rain soaked landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. While we enjoy working on all kinds of inspired and demiurgic endeavors, we spend most of our time crafting original music for creative mediums in the public eye. In addition to composing original music, we also maintain a hand picked roster of some of the most talented independent artists and bands we can find, whose recordings are available for licensing opportunities.

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  1. Tyler Kalberg
  2. Leo Zuckerman
  3. Joshua Stocker
  4. BUF
  5. Richard Quintero
  6. Dave Dworkind
  7. METHODology
  8. Aaron Mendez
  9. HappyPapaya
  10. Paul Octavious
  11. Trent Jaklitsch
  12. CHANCE MAKER Film Connections
  13. Tyler Faires
  14. Blue Chalk
  15. Abhishek Anchliya
  16. Philipp Girke
  17. Sam Woosley
  18. Omar Elhamy

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