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Cantante y compositora. Marta Solís saca su primer disco "Promesa" en 2001 y es conocida entre otras cosas por haber ganado el Festival de Benidorm en 2002 y el Billboard Song Contest en la categoría de Latin en el 2004. En 2005 fue también elegida una de los ganadores del Taller de Composición de cantautores organizado por la Sgae en Madrid.

Después de una larga temporada componiendo comienza una nueva andadura grabando su segundo disco en el estudio de Balcón Del Valle ( y presentándonos "Sin Límites".


An inmediatly and identifiable vocal style, heartfelt lyrics and and flowing melodic hooks have set her music apart and given her an abundance of critical acclaim.

At the tender age of 14 Marta Solís began her musical journey performing original compositions as the lead singer of various rock bands and honed her stage presence in clubs throughout the Canary Islands. At 18 she took her solo act to Madrid where she quickly began to build a fan base and also began preparing songs for her first CD release. Since then she has recorded 1 full-length album , won various prestigious songwriting awards and recorded the title track for the television series ¨Madre sólo hay dos¨ Univision (USA). Her growing popularity and proven talent have attracted the attention of many major record labels inSpain and abroad.

In 2002 she was awarded first prize (Golden Siren) at the prestigious Benidorm Songwriting Festival sharing this honor with the likes of world renowned artists Julio Iglesias (Golden Siren 68´) and Raphael (Golden Siren 62´), (link wikipedia). She later performed her award winning song ¨VIDA¨ (LIFE) to a live national audience of over 2 million viewers. Winning the festival was a true affirmation of both her songwriting and performance maturity and has also proven to be a major catalyst in the formation of an emotional bond between Marta and her fans.

Actually she is slated to release (independently) her second studio album, “Sin Límites” (No Limits) and is making plans for both regional and national tours.

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