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Sydney, Australia

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Martin Taylor is a filmmaker and creative director.

As a filmmaker, he has been directing and crafting stand-out projects for over 20 years.

Martin is UK trained and Sydney based, creating local and international film content. He holds an extensive list of successful TV Documentaries, Online Films, TV Commercials, Promotional Films and his clients vouch for his ability to execute briefs, stories and branding successfully.

He has over 150 screen credits in every area of production. He has produced work for more than 65 commercial clients and created content for 10 broadcasters in 5 countries (Channel 9, 7 Network, ABC, SBS, Studio, World Movies, HBO in the USA, Channel 4 in the UK, Channel 1 in Isreal and Spiegel in Germany)

Martin is also founder and creative director of MINDEAS.COM - exploring the positive psychological potential of Virtual Reality.


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