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independent film maker / director / editor / cinematographer / photographer / writer / producer / designer / surfer (long boarder) / Dudeist Priest (thanks to instant online ordination)

Cameras for film: super8mm canon 514XLS / Samsung MiniDV / Samsung S1065 digital camera / Canon EOS 500D SLR / GoPro HD Hero

Cameras for stills: still shots used to make animations (hand held exposures [no flash] to capture movement) - Samsung S1065 digital camera / Canon EOS 500D SLR / GoPro HD Hero

Other cameras: oregon scientific [helmet cam] (i mount this on top of my super8camera & record whole scenes so i can edit & get a rough idea of what i've shot whilst waiting for the film to come back from the lab)

Other cameras i use: Nikon FM, Olympus OM10, Agfa 6x6 folder, Agfa 35mm folder, Moskva 6x9 folder (i shoot 35mm through this camera as well as roll film)

Studied photography at two art schools (A' Level & City & Guilds - in that order...i know it seems like the wrong way of doing it but i actually learnt more doing the city & guilds after my A' level as my tutor & mentor allowed me creative freedom to explore, experiment & develop my photographic skills). I then studied Communication, Authoring & Design (Technical Writing / Information Design) at Coventry University.

I Started making short films after meeting Gray Hughes (director / writer / producer / VJ / actor & inspirational guru) in 2008. Together we are "God's Monkey" - we both have day jobs & both work on many other projects for ourselves & anyone else who needs our help.

We shot our first short film (super8mm) in 2009 for the "straight8" film festival; one can of super8 film no editing! All the editing was done in camera...we shot one test film first to make sure the super8 camera worked before we loaded our precious potential cannes entry into the mighty 1977 canon...

Many of the films posted here are works in progress (i'll upload completed versions asap...sorry for the lack of audio on some of the test films...i'll change this asap)...i also plan on uploading some behind the scenes / making of footage asap so you can see how passionate (& crazy) we are, and see how we make our films.

please feel free to ask any film related questions if you have any.

ζωή et vérité

marty ;)

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