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Born in New York City on July 16 1967 during the Summer of Love Matthew Lawrence Helm realizes "The potential for pure creative resolution lies in open minded discovery from lucid states of subconsciousness. A sculptor begins from a shapeless mass of clay, a painter from a blank canvas or wall, and so Music is born from a melody in one's mind to influence the next notes to follow. A record album is a sonic replication of each phrase of lyrical imagery floating within the harmonic spacial dimensions carefully placed, compositionally, and captured carefully in a recording process. A work of art seldom knows where it's going until it gets there." Retrovue~Overture became the working title for the concise set of 40 compositions created In the years from 2000 to 2010 comprising of the four records: Meridian Rainbow, Emerald Netherworld, Saint's Bounty, and Luminous Abyss. It took the sum of ten years to be united with the master musicians and producer, Vincenzo Sirico, to finally enhance the project to the level of mass distribution on 11.11.11.
12.12.12. Mat Helm Utopiatemple released an orchestral composition entitled Organ Poems. Comprised of 16 pieces totaling 67 minutes. Layers of organs, piano, stringed instruments, bells, horns, and artifacts found in the chamber were utilized to sculpt a picturesque soundscape which embody the range of personal emotions from joy to despair. Later conceptualized into 16 individual projections where the poetry of silent subtitles appear during appropriate spacial moments within the music so the viewer may listen with the sound of their own inner voice.
1.14.14 Three new Mat Helm Utopiatemple records were released. The rock album Spirit of the Times. City, a jazz/classical work of 16 vignettes encapsulating New York City life, and, Meridian Revista, a classical/jazz interpretation of Mat Helm Utopiatemple's first record Meridian Rainbow.

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