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I work as a freelance photographer and communications consultant based in London, UK.

I specialize in case study productions for NGOs. I have a long track record of delivering fast, beautiful and hard-hitting images, video and texts from places like Afghanistan and Sierra Leone. I am used to hard working conditions, I am practical and humble in the field and I understand what NGOs want in terms of visuals and text.

My second field of specialization is communications. I help organisations with communications and media management, PR and crisis communications. I also work with branding, layout, reports and events. I have long experience as a communications and media manager in Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

My recent work include: Campaign videos and photographs for Save the Children Sweden filmed in Bangladesh and Tanzania; a fundraising video for ActionAid filmed in Sierra Leone; report layout and editing work for Save the Children; communications consultancy work in Turkey, UK and Sweden for Save the Children.

Previously I worked with PR for British Airways in Sierra Leone; case study photographs and reports for Save the Children International in Sierra Leone and Afghanistan. I have a background as a TV news journalist.

Clients include: ActionAid, Save the Children, Reuters, The Economist, Senegal Airlines and British Airways.

If you want to know more or hire my company, please email me at
Mats Lignell Communications AB is a limited company registered in Sweden.

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