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I am an aspiring 360º designer. I achieved a Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honours in architecture, at the London Metropolitan University (UK). During this time I also developed a passion for graphic design. The integration of two disciplines is extremely intriguing for me. During the further education, I started working in the social media realm, quickly moving through blogging, ultimately leading to fashion photography. Acting as an assistant for fashion photographers in London (UK) I then took the initiative to develop a multi-disciplinary collaborative collective. ”UNIT + Collective” is an architectural design practice which specialises in community regeneration work. The “UNIT + Collective” now operates in two countries, namely the UK and Italy. As the collective photographer and graphic designer, additional roles as a free-lance graphic designer were undertaken to initiate projects for other collectives. At the culmination Architectural Degree aside from the commitments at “UNIT + Collective”, full-time work commenced to create a personalised printing and design service on behalf of corporate clients for a London based company as well as becoming a part-time free-lance graphic designer.

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