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Graduated as visual designer at University of Industrial Design, Florence, then as motion graphic designer/ digital artist at IED Madrid, Master in Motion Graphics.
3 Years Experienced in the field of Motion Graphics, I worked from 2009 to 2012 in different studios such as Andreoni Studio & Simone Micheli Studio (3D Modeling) and Astragalo Studio (Motion Graphics);
Founder of The Plak, Branding & Motion Graphics Lab in 2012;
Since early 2013, working @ BDA Creative as Motion Designer, London, UK.
I love my job;
i'm a creative motion designer, specialised in motion graphics, branding & animation for ads, promos, videoclip and branded creative content.

You can watch my projects on:

Matteo Del Nero
/// art director / motion graphics designer ///

+39 333 4911440 (ITA)
+44 7447 541355 (UK)
skype: matteo.del.nero
P.IVA 01274480456

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