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Hi visitor,

I'm an italian VFX | CG Artist (specialized in Fluid, Particles, Dynamic effects) with a bit 10-years of experience from different field. I started with traditional art (painter), arch-viz in CGI and I pass to media&entertainment totaly in 2010. I collaboration with different agency, with role of supervisor 3D/post-production/customer care, on the project for GE Oil&Gas, TetraPak Italia, ABB Groups, GIC Italiana Costruzioni, Beta Progetti and much more.

Currently I'm looking around for new collaboration/trade or temporary position like FX Artisti (or RnD).

Software knowledge (at 2014)

Adobe Creative Suite (10 yrs+), Autodesk 3DS Max (9 yrs+) [favorite], Autodesk Composite (3 yrs+), Autodesk Maya (particles and less 1 yrs), Chaos Group V-Ray (6 yrs+), Eyeon Digital Fusion (2 yrs+), Nvidia Mental Ray (8 yrs+), NextLimit Real Flow (3 yrs +), Sinti Sati AfterBurn (2 yrs +), Sinti Sati FumeFx (3 yrs+), PTC Creo Illustrate (1 yrs+), The Foundry Nuke (2 yrs +), Thinkbox Frost (1 yrs+), Thinkbox Krakatoa (3 yrs+)


3D Modelling / 3D Animation
Fluid and Dynamic simulation / render for Arch-Viz and Media
Editing Video / Post-Production / Motion Graphics
Apps (IPhone, IPad, Android) / WEB services Design
Project Collaboration / free Educational / Avaible for Workshop

____additional information and contact____
matevil [at] art2upz [dot] com
+39 347 59 67 569

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