Matteo Trisolini Longobardi

Cardiff, Hong Kong

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I am an enthusiastic, adaptable and hardworking senior designer with 4 years in consumer electronics in Asia, and 4 years in architecture and design engineering in London.

I deliver strategic and creative designs that go beyond articulated needs by identifying and nurturing user’s insights to deliver exquisite visual designs surpassing expectations. I am an inquisitive designer when it comes to understanding consumer behaviour, perception and interaction and subsequently translating those insights into the products. I am passionate about satisfying user needs by developing their requirements into stories and concepts in order to create compelling products.

My ability to work in all areas of the design process helps me to empathize with the various disciplines within a business. Moreover, my knowledge in defining a product range and value propositions based on market trends, ideation and development with engineering, human factors, CMF and project management, has helped me become a strong well rounded senior designer.

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