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Mill Valley, California

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Matteo Troncone received his Italian face--as well as his passion for beauty and art--from his parents. Half of his Italian blood is from the northern artistic city of Venice, while the other half comes from the crazily frenetic and passionate southern city of Naples--where one finds absolutely unparalled pizza and coffee...Matteo likes to think he's truly got the best of both worlds.

He received his B.A. in Theatre from San Francisco State. His talent then garnered him a coveted full scholarship to San Diego's prestigious Old Globe Theatre, where he earned a Master's degree in their professional training program.

"arrangiarsi, pizza...and the art of living" marks Matteo's feature debut as director, cinematographer, producer, editor, writer and "arranger".

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  1. dear richard, 'thank you for your kind words. I do hope to meet you at some point. Right now i am in an editing cave. best to you, m
  2. caro pizza party, grazie per scrivermi! finisco il film e vi dico quando sara ai festival, specialmente a Sydney. cheers! love, m