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Leicester, England

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Matthew Pell (b.1968) is a UK-based Moving-Image Artist & Lecturer

Since 2000 Pell has been creating both commissioned and self-initiated single-screen videos exploring human identity in urban architectural environments and man made objects that emanate light.

His work is concerned with city topography, light and the manipulation of time and sound. Much of Pell's practice employs looped, reversed, speeded or slowed footage, abstracted compositions, multiple frames and affected audio to stimulate a visceral response from the viewer.

Pell has also collaborated with musicians, sound artists and theatre companies to produce projections for live performances, music videos and video art.


Urban Research Event at the 10th Berlin International Directors Lounge, Germany, 2014
17th International Video Festival Videomedeja, Serbia, 2013
Tetrs Festival, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, 2013
Video Art and Experimental Film Festival, New York, 2013
Sonica Glasgow, Scotland, 2012
Lightworks, Grimsby, UK, 2012
FORMAT International Photography Festival, UK, 2011
Glastonbury Festival UK, 2009
Future Sonic, Manchester, UK, 2008
Projected Weekends, Dublin, Ireland, 2007
About Space, Birmingham, UK, 2005
International Restcycling Festival, Berlin, Germany 2004
Leeds Film Festival, UK, 2004
Picsel, Cardiff, Wales, 2003

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