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If you were to ask me to boil down what kind of stories interest me into a nutshell, the first word that would come to mind is psychological. I'm deeply drawn to the human psyche and how it paints our world. Taking psychological trauma and layering it within a story that is seemingly supernatural will never cease to inspire me.

I'm a director studying at the American Film Institute, graduating this upcoming May. When I was 19 I directed a feature film called Solomon Grundy. Intermittently, there have been some short films I am extremely proud of, currently available on my vimeo- BRUISER and DREAM LOVER. Check them out, I made them for you!

In January, 2014, I will be shooting my next film, PERSUASION- which tells the story of a father who discovers his son has supernatural powers and how he must learn to parent a child he cannot control.

They Call Me Boy Wonder.

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