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Southwest Michigan, USA

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Can someone be passionate about art and science?

Can someone see as much beauty in data and graphs as in fine works of art?

I can, and I do. And I want to put that passion and vision to work for you.

I'm taking a solid science background (BA in Physics), a former career explain the complex (13 years teaching science and math), and a lifelong love of making and appreciating art and design, and combining them to make my dream job: Taking the complex ideas or data you work with and creating clear and accurate visualizations that people can see, understand, and act on.

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    "Repair"? How do you forget to credit the person who wrote your movie?
  2. This is fascinating. It brought to mind the Stargate Sequence from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  3. All good except for last one. We can't decide to be loved, but we can decide to love.