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Greenville, SC

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My name is Matt Bowersox. I am a young videographer from Greenville, SC. I love helping people make their ideas for videos come to life. I believe that videos have a tremendous impact on todays world and I seek to find my living by creating them.


  1. The Scout
  2. Humble Beast Records
  3. Ryan Connolly
  4. Tammy Wagner
  5. Emblem Film Co.
  6. Pie Face Pictures
  7. Philip Bloom
  8. Odd Thomas
  9. jason petty
  10. Laura Kennedy

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  1. Enjoyed the personal viewpoint of the trailer, telling the story through the main character. The action footage was enough to interest me to read the book. Didn't like the up close shots, made me want to stand away from the screen, otherwise well…