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Mausmaki! What is this? Or who? A musician? A DJ? A composer? He calls himself a free artist – free in all senses of the word. His works can be evoked by the rumbling of the fridge or the clang of a silver spoon accidentally fallen into an empty saucepan.

Mausmaki is a cosmopolitan multi-instrumentalist and sound designer with a soft spot for Analog Sound, heavily flirting with electronic music. A producer and a stylist, a photographer and a visual artist – he considers himself “all in one”.

He started DJ-ing using two-tape decks in 1994 – having to rewind cassette tapes with the help of a pencil or a pen. His first film was put together by means of two video cassette players and a small Sony tape walkman. The lack of equipment was in fact a great source of inspiration for the artist and pushed the limits of his inventiveness.

And once Mausmaki got his hands on a legendary analog synthesizer MOOG, his passion for electronic experiments burst out like fire. The newborn creations were a mix of experimental music and jazz. However, they were never recorded in studio. Back in those days everything happened live, simply in “here and now”, he recollects.

Mausmaki has been especially influenced by the electronic scene of the nineties along with Techno and Acid. In spite of this, his music is unpredictable – even for the artist himself. “I never focus on one style and get inspired by almost all the music genres, be it heavy metal, modern classics or folk,” the artist says. “Music is the vibration of sound all around us.”

Сurrently, Mausmaki is collecting and producing sound vibrations in Cologne, Germany.