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Max Barbanell was born in a dark cave outside of the small medieval cat village of Los Angeles. He draged himself out of the cave with only his teeth holding only what he could. At the tender age of 15 Max moved himself to a small Military bunker outside of Aspen where he could be with cats of his kind. Well that cats kibble bowl finally ran dry, he was forced to go to a community collage film school in Denver Colorado, the best worst decision a feline like him could make.


  1. Wes Matheny
  2. Luke Askelson
  3. Sean Dunne
  4. Seth Tonk
  5. Damon R. Nagy
  6. John McSween
  7. Gibroni Films, LLC

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  1. Max looks good...looks like you've been pretty busy. Only suggestion would be to try and also make a 60 second condensed version. Also were is all your other school/hobby work?