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Mazine is a clothing brand based in the heart of Germany’s biggest industrial area called The Ruhrgebiet.

With our clothes we want to inspire people to be themselves and be the best they can be. Coming from the underground and having an effect on the overground, we focus on what unites us rather than what separates us. We believe that we all connect on a level where scene affiliation becomes obsolete and great people can be found in many places. That is why our claim goes “Mazine – Everybody From Everywhere”.

Our sports background and -antics prevail in the company and are an extension of who we are and what we do. It reflects on our designs, the way we conduct business and on the stuff we eat and drink in our kitchen every day. Mazine stands for an active and healthy lifestyle and is stuck on the idea to recognize and support innovation in all fields of street culture and modern mobile life.

It is much more than clothing and concepts, it’s a way of living.

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