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Video creates a powerful experience rather than a static image. To produce a film is to produce a story. In addition to my freelance storytelling, videographing and editing, I am currently employed at Hubspot as an Inbound Call Coordinator.

Examples of my work can be found below.

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  1. Megan Woeppel
  2. Tim Cruz
  3. Flying Ape Productions
  4. coBRANDiT
  5. Andy Hourahine
  6. Matthew  Bianchi
  7. Big Brick Productions
  8. iam8bit Productions
  9. Christian Johansen
  10. Quirky
  11. Samantha Long
  12. Nicole Girard
  13. Joseph Ascioti
  14. Josh Lewis
  15. Dave McGaha
  16. Robert Johnson, Jr.

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