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MCDELYTE Productions LLC is headed by Michael Croce, award winning filmmaker who has an extreme amount of passion for the craft. This passion can be seen whether he is holding the camera, directing the actors, chiseling out performances in the editing room or even stepping in front of the camera himself. His dedication is unsurpassed in each task he performs. He is an asset to any project he is a part of. Michael has an impressive list of credits on imdb and has been the recipient of numerous awards and festival acceptances. With a Masters Degree in Producing from City College of New York. Michael Croce has gained the respect of his peers as both a documentary and fiction filmmaker. He has the ability to fuse these styles for fast composition on set as a cinematographer and quick turnaround in post from his experience editing docustyle independant films.
Let Michael work with you to bring your ideas to life.. Whether you are looking to make a commercial for your new business or finally get that script you wrote produced and brought to the big screen, Michael's experience and hands on approach will nurture your idea to completion.

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