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MC Tha Watcher is one of the upcoming talents in the dance scene with gigs in different countries. Anthony Dap aka Mc Tha Watcher was born on the 15th of December 1981 in Tilburg (The Netherlands). His great passion for music made him aim to become a part of the musicscene.
After going to a lot of parties with his friends MC Apster and Dj Only, he was asked to perform at Domingo Feelings organized by E-Fraga. There he met Randy Katana. From that moment on, his aim has been to develop his skills.

Nowadays he has become part of Masters of Noise, one of the most famous hardcore live-act from Germany. He also has joined forces with dj producer Pat B in the jump live-act Copycat INC.
With bookings in Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy & Romania his passion and his drive to become one of the best mc’s in the dance-scene is greater then ever.

Next to his preforming, MC Tha Watcher is also working on his studio/producing activities. Together with producers like Human Resource & Dj Reflect (Megarave Records), Masters of Noise (Important Records), JDA (Masters of Hardcore) and Darqtai & IGBounce (Poseidon Records) he works on getting his vocals out on the market.

As well as preforming as a mc, he organises events, under the name of ForU Productions, like Damnation! & T-Town Madness

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