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  1. 16:23

    Rotting Hill

    by Media Design School

    9 Videos

    Watch zombie rom-com "Rotting Hill" along with behind-the-scenes clips that show how Media Design School animation students brought the computer-generated elements of the film to life. Find…

  2. 12:30

    Game Art & Programming

    by Media Design School

    6 Videos

    Find out more about Media Design School's specialist degrees in Game Art and Game Programming at http://www.mediadesignschool.com/courses/game-art-programming/

  3. 17:29

    The Sci-Fi World of Dr Grordbort

    by Media Design School

    5 Videos

    Get your ray guns ready! See the world of Dr Grordbort come to life in Dr Grordbort Presents: The Deadliest Game, a live action/CGI short film from Media Design School. Made in cooperation with Dr…

  4. 45:32

    Media Design School Short Films

    by Media Design School

    16 Videos

    Short films featuring the work of Media Design School 3D animation students. Find out more about studying 3D animation and visual effects at www.mediadesignschool.com

  5. 04:04

    Creative Advertising

    by Media Design School

    1 Video

    Work by students at Media Design School's Diploma of Creative Advertising

  6. 03:57

    Digital Creativity

    by Media Design School

    3 Videos

    Work from our entry-level diploma which gives students an understanding of all disciplines at Media Design School.

  7. 08:26

    Bachelor of Media Design

    by Media Design School

    8 Videos

    A designer's strength comes from broad understanding of the industry and in-depth skills. The Bachelor of Media Design provides all this and more with majors in graphic design, interactive design…

  8. 00:47

    Visual Effects and Motion Graphics

    by Media Design School

    7 Videos

    A diploma level qualification at Media Design School that teaches mainly After Effects and Combustion to create small animation, compositing, motion design...

  9. 20:15

    3D Animation

    by Media Design School

    10 Videos

    3D Animation work created by students at Media Design School

  10. 26:35

    Advanced 3D Productions

    by Media Design School

    11 Videos

    The Graduate Diploma of Advanced 3D Productions (2nd year) produces high end work and recreates a studio-like environment for the students in which they work as a team, with specific roles.

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