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Meanders is a short film realised by two students:
Anthony CABULA
Olivier ZIBRET

The story: A little girl who just lost is music box have to go in a strange forest...


  1. Hugo Coulais
  2. Rodrigo J Lopez
  3. Anthony Cabula
  4. Olivier zibret a.K.a Oliv

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  1. Merci beaucoup Emilie!! La musique est une composition originale créée par Anthony le deuxième réalisateur du court-métrage.
  2. I just saw your comment buddy... 1 year later.... Thank you very much and hope to work with you again!!
  3. Thank you very much for your kind word! I just love the Canon T2i, I'm used to cameras like the red Scarlet/ Epic but still feel that I have to make things with this little boy yet! We've used 3dsmax and vue for 3D and nuke for the compositing work.