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  1. House of Shorts

    by Orestis subscribed to

    113 Videos / 12 Followers

    Some of the films featured on House of shorts

  2. PUNY GODS! Vs The Bill Douglas Cinema

    by PUNY GODS subscribed to

    14 Videos / 3 Followers

    PUNY GODS! is a pop up cinema event, showcasing films you've never seen in places you've never been. Dedicated to questioning what Cinema is and determined to make it more social in…


    by Cinephilia and Beyond subscribed to

    396 Videos / 293 Followers

    “A little twitch in our optic nerve, a shock effect: twenty-four illuminated frames a second, darkness in between.” http://cinearchive.org

  4. Capsus.tv

    by Thomas Blanchard subscribed to

    1,570 Videos / 209 Followers

    "Capsus.tv" is a qualitative summary of the videos that are the delight of the web every day http://www.capsus.tv/ https://www.facebook.com/capsus

  5. Nice Type

    by Matthew Buchanan subscribed to

    841 Videos / 25.5K Followers

    Beautiful motion typography and kinetic type animations on Vimeo. Please send submissions via a Vimeo message, I'll review and add my favourites. Nice Type is syndicated here: http://nicetype.tumblr.com http://www.twitter.com/verynicetype

  6. Philip Bloom: My favourite Vimeo videos

    by Philip Bloom subscribed to

    90 Videos / 3,196 Followers

    If you know of any great videos on here (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE not by yourself) then please let me know in the shoutbox!! These are the ones that I think are just brilliant! It's an eclectic…

  7. PUNY GODS! Curated Cinema for The Cultured and The Curious

    by David Salas subscribed to

    149 Videos / 18 Followers

    A playlist for the PUNY GODS! monthly film screenings in Exeter, Devon, UK. Short Films with large ambitions, PUNY GODS! wants to make short films social. So expect great short films, filmmakers…

  8. The Good Stuff

    by Nenad Micic subscribed to

    424 Videos / 5,741 Followers

    The Good Stuff videos! A growing collection of the nice selected videos! :-) Thanks PS. This channel is related to the activities of the group "The Good Stuff" http://vimeo.com/groups/thegoodstuff Fell…

  9. fashion | FILM | fiction

    by 01VideoLab subscribed to

    276 Videos / 11K Followers

    A personal selection of international short films bringing together fashion and fiction. Curated by the Berlin filmmaker AIe Corsini. vimeo.com/alecorsini www.corsini.tv www.filmmaker.berlin

  10. Film Noir

    by Christopher Tevebaugh subscribed to

    96 Videos / 479 Followers

    Film Noir means "black film", they typically derived from 1930's hard boiled crime fiction. The stories weaved intricate tales of crime, murder, sex, and corruption. they are often…

  11. Neil Kenny's Channel

    by Neil Kenny - Director subscribed to

    13 Videos / 4 Followers

    a selection of Neil Kenny's work

  12. The Curious Brain

    by mpared subscribed to

    2,551 Videos / 3,333 Followers

    Hello stranger… this is Michael Paredrakos a Strategic Planner from Greece who is curious about many things and this is my vimeo channel for all the cool videos I feature at my blog http://thecuriousbrain.com/…

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