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  1. Adventure For Change

    Adventure For Change Great Barrier Reef


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    Our passionate team of scientists, adventurers and filmmakers explore the world in search of amazing wildlife and people working toward a sustainable future. Dr Dean Miller, Aaron Jamieson and Jenna Rumney join forces in exploration for conservation!! Follow our adventures on our Adventure For Change…

  2. Kaalius

    Kaalius Plus Odense, Denmark


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    Paragliding is not a sport, it´s a lifestyle! Paragliding is my great passion. My dream is to do Paragliding for a living, instead of a hobby.

  3. MMP Films

    MMP Films Plus Winterthur | Switzerland


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    MMP Films was founded in 2004 where we basically produced snowboard movies. We produced and distributed all around the world, targeting on Europe, USA and Japan. Within the last two years we expanded our field of activities and are nowadays focussing on corporate films, commercials, TV spots but most…

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