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The word passion is over used in the about section of so many like-minded creative’s in the media industry. But my consistent drive to get up every morning, is fuelled by the 100% pure dedication, excitement and enjoyment of capturing stunning photographs and moving images of some of the beautiful things that inspire me, whilst having a ton of fun along the way.

Working in wedding cinema, and broadcast news, has substantially broadened my knowledge and vision of media production and cinematography as a whole, and continues to help me find ever increasingly risky, new and unique ways to get the shot that no one else has!

I’m an avid supporter of helping growth in any community, especially the one’s I can actively provide useful information in. Teaching comes naturally to me, whether that be towards an amateur, trying to understand the exposure triangle, or a media professional learning a new piece of tech. If I’ve got the knowledge, you can be sure I’m willing to share.

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