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I have an extensive experience as a director for television, as an interviewer and as a cameraman. In 2001 I founded my own company ‘Media op Maat’. In making my films I am applying my skills as a director together with my skills as a camerawoman.

Television experience
Five years I have worked as a ‘multi-camera director’ for soaps
As a director I contributed to several programs as ‘So you think you can dance’, cooking programs and women oriented programs.

Theatre experience
In the beginning of my career I set up educational department of the most famous Dutch theatre company ‘Toneelgroep Amsterdam’. Nowadays I make many backstage clips (see for instance and and just once I have made – creative producer & director – a music video clip (

Human interest
I have made many human interest films. Among other things I have made a film with artists with a psychiatric disorder.

Fashion experience
Last year I have made a few fashion clips (see for instance and

Company film experience
Many and in a large variety I have made company films. Films (and clips) for the Pourcel brothers, special marriages, promotion films for general hospitals, and so on.

Academy of Dramatic Art
Academy of Media: multi-camera director
Masterclass: multi-camera director
Cameraman, several courses
Editing, several courses
Interview techniques, several courses

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