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The afterimages of construct.

During the 1600s, the portrait and the still life stylishly depicted people and their environments. This luxurious nature mirrored a new, increasing ability to acquire and consume (seen through those personae, their domestic interiors and everyday objects).

Moving into the 20th Century, exploration of this human-possession relationship expanded. Fractured faces and dis-assembled spaces; distressed objects and colors. Changing societal attitudes and mores anticipated a reality now gone virtual and viral.

The momentum of the self has global reach as digital environments grow boundless. People morph at will from one style-construct to another. Luxury defines new consumer standards. Infographics translate the process of living into the content of life.

Current work moves across/between recent encounters; interior spaces; different times; distant locations. Individual impressions responding to this accelerating change. Infographic recalls of situational remembering.
animeSTILLLIFE© start out as VirtualWorks and involve
- scanned, photographic film-prints
- digital assembly into 1701pixel-base, 300dpi tif files.

Further production entails
- stop-frame animation into .gif files
- conversion to .mov files
- original sound tracks composed
- mixdown to final ‘video’

An American living and working in New Zealand
- 16 solo exhibitions (NZ, US, IT)
- 67 group exhibitions (NZ, AU, US, IT, UK)
- work in collections in NZ, AU, US, CA, IT, UK.

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