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I am Meg, welcome to my world...

Hello my name is Meg Mosley and I like to make art about mainstream celebrations that go into overdrive and popular pleasures that are usually excluded from academic art circles and performance studies. I play with this tension and explore the everyday like a mesmerising wonder to understand the spiritual, the mundane and the impulse to form groups that is within us all. I find my art everywhere and in everyone.

I went to the Slade to do my MA and was taught theoretical, critical studies and the history and theory of art and now I’m shaking it up a bit; creating a cocktail by juicing up all that learning with a shot of glamour and contemporary bling. My work explores themes like family, communal rites of passage and how we build our sense of self from our fragmented memories. I am fascinated by the connection between individual and communal identity and how these interact.

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