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MEI.collectiv was formed in 2008 in San Francisco by artists Jessica Resmond, Jorge Bachmann and Anne Chao. Jessica Resmond and Jorge Bachmann are currently the active members behind MEI.collectiv's projects including in fabula for the show Florilegio in Bogota Colombia. Géraud Bec is a new member on board and the 3 of us are working on an ambitious multimedia project...

MEI.collectiv is an art and design collective based in San Francisco. MEI.collectiv's projects come in different shapes & colors depending on the context and the configuration of its team. Membership and affiliation with MEI.collectiv is fluid, and evolves as projects are developed. Its members are inspired by a common creative desire to mix up sensibilities and skills, exploring socially, culturally and environmentally engaging themes that reflect our times and personal interactions with the world.

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