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Konstantinos Koutsoliotas is a vfx supervisor, director and founder of Melancholy Star Ltd, a boutique London-based CGI and creative studio providing high-end 3D visual effects services for Feature Films, Promos /Music Videos, Idents, Titles, Commercials and more. Creating alien worlds, realistic vehicles and luxury products, unusual creatures, explosions, logo graphics, green screen & tracking services, compositing, set extensions and matte painting are just the beginning of what we can do!


Melancholy Star is the vision of director /VFX artist Konstantinos Koutsoliotas & designer Elizabeth E. Schuch: a creative studio providing top quality VFX, uniquely styled art services, and producing highly visual films - always with an intense passion for aesthetic quality. The beautiful, the fantastical, and the eccentric are always in the forefront of our imaginations, and we foster a creative environment that thrives on collaboration.

Officially founding the company in 2011, the dynamic duo have been working together since 2004, on projects spanning commercials, titles, 2D-3D shadow play backgrounds for films, live circus design, music videos, theatre projection, scripts, and other adventures. Both trained in CGI at the Glasgow School of Art, Kostas comes from a traditional arts background, and Elizabeth from theatre design.

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