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I began like a cartoon animator in a RAI-TV series called 'Paco and Taco'.
After three years I decided to follow my passion learning photography. During the Master in photography in I worked in a profesional B&W laboratory. After the school I began the freelance carrer publishing in Italian and international magazine and newspaper. I offer collaboration by a consultant on a regular basis to TmNews, TelecomItalia, Fotoup, E-On, GAP, Stage Entertainment.
During the last years I obtained on the field technical skills with the use of digital SLR, medium and large format, video camera system filming and editing. Countinuous flash and mixed light, studio and outdoor shootings,establishment of bigger shooting,working both digital and analogic.
Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, FinalCut Pro professional knowledge.
Strong interests for all kinds of applications of photography. Simoultaneously with the professional work, dedicated to all-round personal research and creative investigation.

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