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Born in Santiago, Chile, in 1967, Rodrigo Dorfman is constantly whirling between the identities that bind all the different places, people, languages and cultures he has inhabited since he left Chile in 1973. Rodrigo sets his gaze from within that wondrous space between exile, migration, hybridity and mysticism. Rodrigo Dorfman is also an award winning filmmaker, ethnographer, and multimedia journalist who currently resides in Durham, North Carolina. His company Melloweb LLC works in cooperation with NGO’S, educational and grassroots organizations, film companies and private institutions to create multimedia documentaries as a means to develop intercultural, social, scientific and political communication.

Rodrigo Dorfman is also an award winning filmmaker and multimedia producer who has worked with the Robert F. Kennedy Justice Center, POV, HBO, Salma Hayek's Ventanazul and the BBC among others. His films have been screened at some of the top international film festivals in the world (Toronto, Full Frame, Edinburgh, Telluride, Human Rights Watch). With his father he has won best screenplay award from the Writer's Guild of Great Britain for "Prisoners in Time" (1997). His screenplay "Shaheed" is currently in development with White Pine Pictures (Canada), Jeremy Podeswa is attached to direct. In 2011 Rodrigo Dorfman won the Jury Award for Best Short at the Full Frame Film Festival. He has recently finished his feature "Monsieur Contraste" and is in production for an epic documentary on the American Dream.

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  1. Hola! Me gustaria mucho poder ver este doccumental. Hay una proyeccion esta tarde el la universidad Concordia en Montreal pero no sé si pueda ir. Como puedo conseguir? Hay alguna forma de comprarlo en internet? Gracias :)