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I'm just a southern, laid back lady that never, I mean never gets in a hurry for anything or anybody, that's just me, how I am and how I work....lol one friend calls me molasses because I'm so laid back and go at my own slow pace...I thought that name was quite fitting. I now live in Sacramento Ca and ya know what? I don't fit in the West Coast world and way of life. They say you change, adapt,but,in my case I think they got it all wrong, I just belong in Gulf Shores Alabama on the Gulf of Mexico with the sun beaming upon me and my toes playing in the sand. Most people wouldn't think of alabama as having a beautiful, resort town nestled at the VERY bottom of the state, guess what? we do and it's absolutely beautiful with such pretty white sand that they keep up on a nightly basis(would be kind of hard to rake the beach as I call it during the daay when some many people are there) that's one sound I truly miss, the sound of the children's laughter as they run in the sand and play in the the salty water, so innocent, full of wonder and marvel without a care in the world. You can almost touch there happiness it's that visible and it's so healing to ones soul as well as awe inspiring, giving renewed hope where you thought there wasn't a hope in the world,but,the children, how I miss them and the inspiration they always gave me and also bringing me down a notch or two, to a child's view of the world and just how simple life really can be if you allow yourself the opportunity to let your inner child run free. Besides my only child, Andrew, whom I adore this is what I truly miss from home, not fancy cars, homes or money, I miss the beach and the children running and playing without a care in the world and sand from A to Z. This is what I miss and Gulf Shores Alabama is home and will always be home no matter where I may be and this my dear people is a little insight to me.
I wish all of you much Peace, Love, Child like Happiness and much Joy to your heart and soul.
Take care,

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