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My name is Felipe Meneghel and I´ve been seeing trough lenses for the past 12 years, working as a DP (Director of Photography). I´ve studied classic cinematography at UCLA (Los Angeles) between 1997 and 1999, since then I´ve added to my curriculum two Feature Film, +25 shorts, documentaries a few video clips and many publicity jobs. I also have participated on a number of different recycling classes and workshops for cinematographers including -- New Technologies HD, REDucation 2012. I work with either HD or film.
I invite you to get to know a little of my work. Enjoy !!!

Award Winning Best Cinematography "O Coro" at Cine Ceará 2011. Troféu Mucuripe de Melhor Direção a Werner Schumann, por “O Coro”.

In case you want to leave any comments or contact me, don´t think twice !!!


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