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Men In Space is a Group of friends. We make art, music and whatever we feel for. Together or alone but always for the bigger cause and the fun of it.

If you want to chat, hit the road or work with us:

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  1. BRDG
  2. アフロ君
  3. Jeremy Küng
  4. DieTapete
  5. Nikola Pavlovic
  6. Irgendwann im August
  7. [:Ri:] F+
  8. Jelena Oroz
  9. Stephen Korytko
  10. Tea Stražičić
  11. Nolram Kniff
  12. DJ Playboy
  13. Katarzyna Borelowska
  14. Joe Simon Films
  15. ECAL
  16. I Love QC
  17. dazed
  18. Millumin

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