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Menno Fokma Studio is a next-level design and direction company based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. With enthusiasm and a strong dedication to quality we create cutting-edge mood films, title sequences, broadcast identities, fashion films, music artwork and videos.

Our work is about pushing creative boundaries and exploring new ways of visualisation; rich illustrations with a surrealistic touch; mind-bending stories; inviting (subconscious) emotions to rise to the surface; sharing inspiration and making people wonder.

Founded in 2010 by Menno Fokma, the studio has since grown into a dynamic network company. Collaborating with equally ambitious motion specialists, photographers, musicians, sound designers, writers, graphic designers and illustrators. Developing projects for commercial use and initiating art projects to express and explore new possibilities. Through our engagement in both fields, art and commissioned work influence and nourish each other in a natural and positive way.

Menno Fokma Studio works for clients such as: Heineken, MTV International, Midway, Sanyo, Project SAM, Saturate Records, Hymen Records.

Our work is featured on Stash, The Holland Animation Festival, Ffffound, Behance, Ventilate, Motionographer, Flylyf, Fubiz & Computerlove

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