Mohamed Aljazaere

Damascus/ Syria

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Creative | Director |TV Producer
M o t i o n G r a p h i c s A r t i s t

Have a professional experience in multiple areas and rules of Drama,Pre and Post Productions,
Animation , Tv Stations, Branding, Broadcast Design, Motion Graphics....

Directing and producing many TV Shows sush as ( Top ten syria a comedy tv show - Cut and paste -
Zero tune ..La waeen.. ).. and i'm a comedy TV sketchs wirter too !!

I had a B.A Of Media and journalism by Faculty of Media and communication Arts , Diploma in Filmmaking .

Hope to share my knowledge and learn more..!

In a simple way .. I Tell stories in a unique way ! ;)

i'm Working now as a freelancer... and love-ready to a new challenges .!!.

Btw...Give it a Smile...!!


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