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Melissa Huffsmith-Roth is a New York City based editor, photographer and musician. She began her editorial career at Pseudo Programs Inc. where she collaborated with NYC’s most original minds to create multiple hours of live and streaming content on a weekly basis. She has owned and maintained a music/photoblog since 1999 and is a published writer for Glamour and Bust Magazines. Her extensive multimedia experience enables MHR to cull the raw elements of sight, sound, design and emotion in order to create fluid edits that feel right.

Her clients include Ogilvy & Mather, Mccann Erickson, Grey, Tom Ford, Draft FCB, MTV, Tommy Hilfiger and The Weinstein Company. She has had the good fortune to collaborate with many notable directors including Chiara Clemente, Adria Petty, Jim Sonzero, Katrina Del Mar, Floria Sigismondi and Carter Smith.

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