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Mia Anstine aspires to live each day to its fullest and to share as many adventures as possible with others. She feels it is important for everyone to get a chance to connect with Mother Nature and the outdoor life. Mia spends many days in the outdoors, hunting, fishing or shooting. She grew up in a rural area of Southwest Colorado. As a child she spent days near the river in front of her home, and hiking in the hills behind. It is there that she began her adventures and learned to respect the outdoors. Mia’s father hunted to provide for the family, and taught her firearm safety and how to dress and process animals. Her mother taught her how to prepare wild game, garden, sew and to live off the land. Her parents divorced when she was a teenager and she moved to the city with her mother. It is there that she learned to truly appreciate the outdoors and all the fantastic experiences she had as a young child. She shares that lifestyle with all that are adventurous and willing.

Mia strives to preserve the outdoors and the lifestyle. She is co-owner of Wolf Creek Outfitters, Inc. (WCO) which operates in Colorado and New Mexico. She is an NRA Certified Shooting instructor, writes scheduled columns for various publications and is an active board member, volunteer and supporter of local and national conservation organizations.

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    Great footage and editing. You all did awesome with this.