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Since 2002, our clients in the marketing, corporate and government world have known Michael Conti to be more than just an easy going videographer and efficient film editor, Michael has delivered the type of results that go beyond just shooting and editing services. Michael brings a diverse set of video marketing insights to the table, a best practice approach to production which will save you time and money, an important consideration in our new economy when dollars are scarce and a return on investment must be justified for every dollar spent. michaelcontiproductions.com

Michael's video marketing experiences range from being one of the first to market with using budget conscious online YouTube videos to drive organic web traffic though SEO Video best practices, to creating inspiring sales videos for large corporations, to green screening video webinars for educational purposes, to educating and inspiring regional communities through his film making contests. Michael also provides media trainings for small and large businesses. michaelcontiproductions.com

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