Michael Louis Johnson

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Michael Louis Johnson has a reputation as a radical. He is a founding member of anti-car activist group Streets are for People! He has blasted the protest rock of the New Kings from parking spots, rooftops and street construction zones. He turns a protest into a picnic, playing trumpet while riding his bike at the monthly Critical Mass ride. He is secretly acclaimed as the singing and trumpeting bartender at his weekly matinee at the Communist's Daughter. He is a journalist covering the Kensington Market beat for Now Magazine. He is a playwright, director and filmmaker with a degree in international relations and a background in stand-up comedy. His songs are fueled by passion and politics, ethics and humour, they can make you laugh with anger at one moment and sigh with heartbreak in the next. His solo act has been described as "Urban blues,…somewhere between Leonard Cohen and Joe Strummer." He was raised as a car-salesman, (can you tell?)

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