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Arriving in Cayman in 2008, I enjoyed the wonders and the beauty of the underwater realm with my wife Ellen Cuylaerts (ellencuylaerts.com) and our kids while snorkeling.

Not even one year ago, inspired by Ellen's first beautiful underwater pictures and Howard Hall's beautiful film last year on the 2011 Cayman International Underwater Festival, I decided to pick-up a camera, a GoPro, and shoot video of the wonderful encounters we had.
Thanks to the terrific coaching of Ellen I was able to make a steep development in my underwater videos.
My goal with these films is to share the beauty of the underwater realm with the rest of the world.

In the years we have been living here, I noticed a substantial decline in fish abundance and fish size.
This keeps on surprising my dive-after-dive.
Steps need to be taken to preserve this underwater wealth, steps like the vast expansion of the Marine Park zones, the protection of Sharks, Rays and Cetaceans, and the general awareness of the underwater world with the general public.
That is why I try to capture the beauty and the fragility of the aquatic world in my films.
That is why I dedicate my work to our children, the children of Cayman, the children of the world…. the future...
Let there be a future with oceans full of marine life.

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