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Michael Montenegro - independent filmmaker, specializing in the Chicano culture, bicycling and anything else thats worth my interest.

Filming, music, live events, art venues, outdoor activities, history, acting, nature, writing with the drawing, organizing, learning, interesting people, spreading awareness, my Family and my Mac.


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  2. Mitch Lemos
  3. Rick Gerard
  4. Kico Velarde
  5. trestipos
  6. Morgan Krantz
  7. Sterling Anno
  8. Glenn Llopis Group
  9. Man Recordings
  10. Domo Kyss
  11. Adam Hashemi
  12. Matt Alonzo
  13. DJ Big K
  14. Patrick Lawler
  15. Kirby Ferguson
  16. tony blahd
  17. German Carrillo
  18. Michael Christopher Churchyard

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